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The bonus system of Chongqing Zhongjing Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
1.Full-time Award: The company will award full-time award to those who are not late, leave early, leave or miners in the month.
2.Skills bonus: Employees with a certain specialty will be rewarded for their benefit to the company.
3.Benefit bonus: The company evaluates the employee's benefit bonus according to the economic benefit and the employee's work performance every month. Generally, the bonus ranges from high to low A prize, B prize, C prize and no prize.
4.Sales bonus: Reward for marketing personnel after completing sales tasks.
5.Reward Plan: To award year-end awards to employees who have made outstanding contributions to the company.
Allowance system:
1.Traffic subsidy: mainly refers to enterprises providing transportation benefits for employees, mainly including the following several kinds: enterprises provide transportation to transfer employees to and from work; enterprises reimburse employees for commuting transportation fees according to internal regulations; enterprises grant a certain amount of monthly traffic subsidy.
2.Free working meals and accommodation: refers to the free or low-cost lunches provided by enterprises for employees. Some enterprises do not directly provide work lunch, but provide a certain amount of work lunch subsidy.
3.Travel allowance: allowance for accommodation, meals, communications and other expenses of travelers during their business trip.
4.Communication subsidy.
5.Price allowance.
6.Disaster subsidies.
7.Subsidies for loss of clothing.
8.Employees'allowance for heat prevention and cooling.
9.Cash subsidies and non-monetary benefits paid or paid for workers'health care and livelihood.
10.Retirement allowance.
Paid holidays:
1.Marriage leave: Holiday for 3 days, eligible for late marriage (male over 25 years old, female over 23 years old), can enjoy 10 days of marriage leave.
2.Maternity leave: 90 days of maternity leave for female employees, 105 days of maternity leave for female employees, 7 days of maternity leave for male employees and basic wages.
3.Visiting Family Leave: Unmarried employees whose parents live in other places or husband and wife live separately enjoy visiting family leave once a year for 20 days (including round trip), basic salary issuance, and reimbursement of ordinary hard seat car (boat) tickets.
4.Funeral leave: the death of the immediate relatives (parents, spouses, children) of the employees, three days of funeral leave, and the basic wages are issued.
5.sick leave: Employees take sick leave to submit official hospital sick leave certificates, including emergency certificates, and on-the-job leave without sick leave certificates. The company still pays half a day's salary when employees are absent from work due to illness in that month, and the sick leave is calculated on the basis of work leave for more than seven days (excluding seven days).
6.Work-related injury leave: An employee's work-related injury caused by unexpected events (objective factors rather than work errors) in the course of work is regarded as work-related injury. During the period of work-related injury, the company shall pay the full salary and bear all the expenses for the treatment of the injury. For example, during the period of employees'commuting from work to work in hotels, due to other factors besides their own responsibilities, the manager of the Department concerned shall submit to the superior department for discussion and determination of the treatment of the employees.
7.Festivals and holidays: The State Council stipulates that Chinese citizens shall enjoy ten-day Festival holidays including the Spring Festival and the National Day according to law. Some enterprises also set some holidays according to their actual conditions, such as Mid-Autumn Festival and Dragon Boat Festival.
8.Annual leave: (public leave): refers to employees who, in accordance with the rules and regulations of the enterprise and with the consent of their superiors, can enjoy several days of paid leave in a year. Enterprises generally stipulate that employees have five to fourteen days of public holidays every year according to various conditions.