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     sales manager    [2019-5-18 12:21:39]
    Place:  Chongqing, Shandong, Inner Mongolia, Shanxi and Guangzhou
    Salary:  Face to face
    Number:  2人
    Sex:  Men and women are not restricted
    Age:  面议
    Condition:  Mechanical and electrical specialty, more than 3 years of sales experience, strong communication skills, hard working, dedicated to work, strong sense of responsibility, moral integrity, able to map, can adapt to long-term travel, with the same industry work experience can be preferred.
    Job Description:

      Chongqing Zhongjing Filtration Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

      Responsibility is the criterion for selecting talents, and good faith and trust are the criteria for employing talents. Talent is the first element of company development. Talent development is superior to everything else. We regard respecting the value of talent, paying attention to the demand for talent, and giving full play to the potential of talent as the foundation of enterprise development. The goal of our pursuit is to establish a streamlined, efficient, fair competition, honest and upward incentive mechanism.

      To guide and help employees to strengthen their career recognition and make their needs compatible with the company's goals and interests. To strengthen the education and training of employees, professional backbone and managers are the backbone of training, shouldering the responsibility of work guidance, training and promotion. If necessary, experts, scholars and specialized training institutions shall be hired for education and training. Continuously improve the quality and ability of employees, so that learning becomes a habit of them. Enhance their work enthusiasm and enterprising spirit.

      Chongqing Zhongjing Company pays attention to the career development of employees and encourages them to make their own career development plans with the guidance and help of the company. The company provides employees with two career development directions: professional series road: in a certain field or several related fields, continuous and in-depth development, the pursuit of professional improvement, in order to become an expert in this field as the goal. Job Series Road: By coordinating, organizing the work of team and team members, to achieve the goal of team work, to achieve performance, in order to get the promotion of the position.

      We are well aware of the importance of employee's physical and mental health, so we attach great importance to the life of employees after work, pay attention to enriching their lives and improving their quality of life.

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